What are the benefits of Cryotherapy?

Benefits of Cryotherapy

What are the benefits of Cryotherapy?

There are a lot of benefits of Cryotherapy and the first of which is managing inflammation.

If you train regularly you will be familiar with muscle soreness, minor tweaks and the odd injury from time-to-time.

Regardless of the origin the one thing that all sports and activities have in common is that they do a good job of breaking down the body.

Cryotherapy, in particular Whole-Body Cryotherapy, is a great way to maximise your recovery by safely exposing your body to extreme cold temperatures.

During a 3-minute treatment the cold in the cryo chamber will trigger your thermoreceptors and tell your brain you are freezing.

This will then send the body into a defensive mode during which the body starts oxygenating your blood, flushing it of toxins and lactic acid.

After your treatment you will gently warm up on our airdyne bike. As your body starts returning to normal it increases the blood flow of this newly oxygenated blood back out to your limbs. The body then starts absorbing the blood, which is now enriched with erythrocytes, oxygen, collagen, and other essential nutrients.

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Any other benefits?

Other benefits of Cryotherapy also include improved sleep.

Almost all clients report back saying that following a treatment they slept much better than usual. We have some telling us that they slept deeper than they have in weeks, sometimes even months.

Many people who use whole-body cryotherapy and also track their sleep metrics via fitness trackers say that the amount of REM and Deep Sleep increases following a treatment in a cryochamber.

With sleep being a huge component to everyday recovery, this can only help the body’s natural recovery process and boost your performance.

Other benefits of cryotherapy also include improvements in skin conditions.

Cryotherapy provides a pain free and non invasive way to manage the symptoms of skin conditions such as; psoriasis, dermatitis and eczema.

While Whole-Body Cryotherapy isn’t a new thing, there are still many more scientific studies to be conducted on the benefits of Cryotherapy.

Regardless of that there are more and more people speaking up all around the world about the benefits they have from having regular treatments.

One thing is for certain when it comes to the benefits of Cryotherapy, there are a lot of professional athletes who swear by it. The amount of athletes from the UFC, NBA and boxers is on the rise and that can only be because it’s working at adding value to their recovery programs.

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