What is a Cryotherapy Chamber?

Cryo Chamber

What is a Cryotherapy Chamber?

A Cryotherapy Chamber (also known as a Cryo Machine or Cryo Chamber) is a specially designed device which allows you to experience extreme temperatures of cold for a number of health benefits.

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During a typical 3-minute treatment you will be exposed to temperatures between -110c and -140c, which has a number of benefits including managing inflammation, helping speed up recovery from injuries and improving sleep.

A Cryotherapy Chamber is associated with Whole Body Cryo because of the fact that users stand inside the machine whilst the treatment takes place.

It’s design is tube shaped with a door and an open top for your head. You will stand inside (wearing just your underwear, socks and a pair of our gloves) and a platform will raise you up to make sure your head is above the top of the Cryotherapy chamber. This localises the cold to your body from the neck down, meaning you can breathe normally. There is also a screen just to the side of your head so you can see how low the temperature is and also how long is left of the treatment.

How does it work?

A Cryotherapy Chamber delivers the cold using liquid nitrogen and while this only affects the surface of the skin, it’s enough for your body to trigger it’s thermoreceptors – which tells your body you are freezing. This in turn sends your body into a defensive mode; sending your body’s blood, nutrients and other resources to where they’re needed.

The treatments are safe, manageable for even the least cold-tolerant and you can enter a Cryotherapy Chamber multiple times a week.

Clients will often see instant results once they step out of the Cryotherapy Chamber, many reporting a sense of euphoria as they gently warm back up on our airdyne bike.

It is worth nothing that there is a 150kg weight limit on the lifting platform inside the Cryo Chamber, it is also not advised that pregnant women use our facilities and finally that those with any current or long term health issues must speak to their GP before booking a treatment.

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