Whole-Body Cryotherapy

Whole-Body Cryotherapy

Whole-Body Cryotherapy is a great way to take your recovery to the next level and beyond.

What is Whole-Body Cryotherapy?


During a 3-minute treatment in our specially designed Cryo Chamber you will experience temperatures as low as -140C and in the process you will reap a number of health benefits (Which you can read more about here).

Cold therapy is not a new thing and many of you who have had an injury will have used an ice pack to help with the inflammation. Whole-Body Cryotherapy is doing that on a much bigger scale and that’s why we love it.

In short, Whole-Body Cryotherapy is a quick and convenient way to help maximise the benefits the cold brings when dealing with inflammation from injuries. This inflammation could be from taking part in regular sports/training and the rigours of everyday life.

Whilst the temperatures you experience in the Cryo Chamber seem to be almost impossible to withstand, Whole-Body Cryotherapy is completely safe. It’s also not as tortuous as you may think and manageable for even those who hate the cold.

What else is Cryotherapy good for?

It’s not just inflammation that Cryotherapy helps with but almost everyone reports they have improved sleep improvements and quality after a treatment.

Sleep is the key component to proper recovery and combine this with managing inflammation properly and you will boost your performance. Whole-Body Cryotherapy is a great way to work on both, so come and give it a go!

What shall I bring?

Well firstly, Whole-Body Cryotherapy is a dry treatment. There is no need to bring a towel, swimming shorts or a bathing suit. All we ask is that you bring a pair of socks and be sure to bring/wear some underwear. Besides that we will provide you with some gloves and a pair of crocs to wear inside the chamber.

To read more about the Cryo Chamber itself – visit here.

After your treatment you will warm up on our airdyne bike for a few minutes to get the blood flowing. You will then head on your way rejuvenated and ready to take on the world.

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